Monday, April 18, 2011

I've gone and done it now.

I wonder how many blogs were created because of the movie Julie and Julia. Lets add one more to the pile. I wanted to see the movie when it first came out. But my life got in the way and I just around to it last night. I was inspired and depressed.
Julie was turning 30 the year of her experiment. I will be 43 in a little over a month. Like Julie, I start many things but rarely finish them. My house is cluttered with creative ventures I have started and never finished. For instance, I started crocheting a blanket for my first grandson when my step-daughter was about 5 months pregnant. Austin is now a year old and he could use the blanket for a scarf. Well for a few more months anyway.
When my son announced I had a second grandchild on the way, I decided I would make a quilt. I drug out our daughters sewing machine, had my mom help me get it ready, collected fabric and thread and bobbins. Connor is 2 months old today and I have yet to sew a single stitch. I decided I was going to walk the Kentucky Derby mini marathon along with the 3 races leading up to it. Didn't get signed up in time for the mini and for one reason or another, didn't run the other three races either. I want this pattern of not finishing things to change.
I have an extensive collection of cookbooks. I will not be cooking through any of them for this blog. My goal is simply to post a blog every single day for the next year. I am hoping that the fact that I woke up at 4:00 am composing my first real entry is a good sign. Although I would have liked more sleep.
Another goal for this blog is to figure out why in the world God put me on this planet. People tell me I have talents in many areas but it seems to me that talent should pan out with some sort of success in at least one of them.  At this moment, what I know for sure is that I have lots of dreams and things I wish I could do but I don't seem to have the ummm whatever it takes to do them be it time, money, health, or confidence.
So why should you read this blog? I have absolutely no idea. But tomorrow I will tell you a little more about myself. It is now 5:09 and I am going to try to sleep for another half an hour or so.


  1. I think we all have our own hidden piles of unfinished projects and dreams that have been placed upon a shelf for "someday". I'm proud of you for starting this blog. You have such a gift for writing ... and this will be a wonderful outlet for that. Who knows what may come pouring out of you over the next year! I'll be following along, and providing encouragement and support as you blog your little heart out!