Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My journey was nearly by water today.

My plan for today was to go to my friends house to babysit her youngest son. During naptime I planned to jot a few notes on why I started this blog and a little about me. You know the line from the book, right? The one that goes "The best laid plans..."
We had thunderstorms overnight and through the morning. I was driving through horrible rain. The water was coming out of the ditches and across the road in some places.
When I got to my friends house the picturesque creek that runs about 30 foot from her house was raging about 10 foot from it. In about 10 minutes it was up even further. She called her husband to come get her and their boys because the car that is there is not in very good shape. I offered to drive them all to my house because I there but he was already on the way. I did agree to take the dog,her cage and some pictures with me. She insisted I go ahead and leave, her husband would be there soon. She was afraid my car would get stuck. So I went.
Going home was much worse than getting there. In fact, I couldn't go my normal route because it was completely covered in swiftly running water. I called my husband to ask him for directions to an alternate route. I also asked him to call my friend to make sure they didn't try to go that way.
Sophie-the dog-did well for most of the trip. Except for trying to climb in my lap when I patted her head and told her she was a good dog. Most of the trip I was saying "Why did I take the dog and not the people!?!"
When I finally made it home I had to change every stitch of clothes I was wearing. Because neither of us could reach our friends and we hadn't heard from them, Gregg called the sheriffs dept to let them know about the situation and about the roads being flooded.
Finally she got to our house. Then she posted pictures. After I left the creek had gotten to the house and under the part that is on stilts. What had taken them so long was that both cars had gotten stuck.
Tonight we are supposed to get more storms, possibly severe ones. We are praying that their possesions are safe.
The whole thing wore me out. So this is the blog for now.

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