Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My Sunday school class and I did a project this week. We were supposed to trace a person but we didn't have big enough paper so I drew the outline of a person. He didn't have hands or feet so the class deemed him unworthy and elected a student to draw another one.
When that was done, after discussing how Jesus is the head of the church and we are the body, the children wrote in names of people and the ways they serve,in and out of the church. Our person ended up being to thin for all the things we came up with. We widened the arms,then the legs,then finally the belly. Then the arms again and the legs and the belly. Then... Well you get the picture. I was amazed at how many ways the children recognized as serving. We talked about how different each of these people were and how,even though we are all different and have different ways of going about it, we all have the same goal-to serve and give God the glory.

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