Monday, May 2, 2011

Dreams in the rain

Despite all of the rain we have had over the last few weeks and it seems will continue for at least another week, I have been dreaming of camping and fishing and swimming.
Two years ago we had a wonderful camping trip up until the last night when we had heavy rains and both of our tents started leaking. The 4 of us attempted to sleep in the passenger area of our SUV. At 3 am I announced that I was going to start packing at the first glimmer of light. Everything was packed in record time.
Unfortunately by the time it stopped raining, the damage was already done to the tents. We wanted to camp last year and buy new tents but it just didn't happen. I'd love a camper so we could extend our camping season a bit but that probably won't be in the budget for a few years.
It's funny though, some of our best and most memorable camping trips,especially with all of our kids,have included copious amounts of rain. Like the 10 days spent in a state forest in the middle of a thunderstorm playing trivial pursuit. Or the church campout where half of the campsites were underwater. Or the church campout where we sang "I've got a river of life running through my tent!
Maybe that's why all this rain puts me in the mood to camp.

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  1. Could be. I remember camping with my family one time, and the pouring rain seeped into our tent. But at least our tent didn't lie collapsed in a small pond, which is what a nearby campsite looked like!