Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just because something can fit in doesn't mean it should.

I have a friend who is very gifted in what I believe is termed the fabric arts. She is an amazing seamstress and makes all kinds of crocheted things. Recently she made me a beautiful rainbow colored bag with long straps. It is HUGE! Just the way I wanted it. Empty,it hangs about hip level. The problem comes when I put stuff in. I always think I can add one more thing because "it will fit" and I might need it. What happens then is that when I hoist it on my shoulder it hangs to my knees and some of the things i really need dont fit anymore. The bag is misshapen and stretched beyond it's normal capacity. It becomes unattractive and hard to deal with. It is not being used according to it's design.
We humans are the same way. At least I am. I fill myself with far too many things I don't need and will never use. Knowledge is a very good thing but I think we can all agree that some so called knowledge is just useless. Do we really need to know the details of the latest celebrity breakup? Because I have allowed myself to be filled with unimportant things, the important ones get squeezed out. I become overwhelmed and have a hard time deciding what is important and what is not. It gets to the point that I am not even sure what my purpose is anymore.
The answer is simple. I need to focus on what is true,lovely and pure.

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