Thursday, May 26, 2011

So many thoughts.....

So few that are fully thought out!
A few things on my mind:
I have some things I want to write about that are kind of important to my story. However to tell these things would be painful to some of the people I love more than life. I am trying to work out how to tell the story without hurting people.
I hate whatever it is in me that makes me so sensitive and prone to not think much of myself.
I have been very touched recently to have grown up "kids" I used to babysit seek me out. They were so young when I watched them it really means a lot that they even remember me!
I wonder what it is in me that makes me hold people at arms length.
I wish my daughter didn't need my computer for a school project so I could go more in depth with these thoughts. They are far too much to type on an iPod.

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