Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time keeps on slippin slippin.....

Into the future.... Isn't that how the song goes?
One thing you will come to know about me is that songs pop into my head for almost any occasion!
Another one,a line from one anyway,is from I believe, Lady Antebellum. I believe the song is called "I run to you" It goes "This world keeps spinning faster..." it goes on to say something about heading towards a new disaster. I am not sure if the writer intended the song to make people think about God, but I always do.
I co-teach at our churches wednesday night kids program. Tonight I was on my own with our large class. We have a bit of an issue with talking and not paying attention when there are 2 teacher so I decided to try a different technique. I drew a line for each child and had each of them write his or her name under the line. I explained that they had 9 chances to earn a reward.Essentially, we played hangman.
Our lesson tonight was on the following the leading of the holy spirit. During the lesson, one of the girls went to the bathroom and came back basically mocking me. As with all the marks I gave, i said nothing, just simply walked to the board and made the mark and went on with my lesson. A few minutes after getting her mark j raised her hand and asked if there was any way to erase a mark.
I told her no, I was sorry but we have to live with the consequences o our actions.
When the lesson was over I was passing out candy. Everyone earned it. I noticed j sitting quietly in her seat not crowding me with the rest of he kids. I asked her if she got hèrs. She came to whisper on my ear that she did not deserve any candy because she had not behaved. I told her of course she did. She did not get a full person. But I was so proud of her for realizing what she had done.

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