Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 girls + 8 tap shoes+ "Jump" by Van Halen = mama with a migraine

My daughters dance class is preparing for recital. They are doing pointe, tap and jazz and a number with all the classes. Today I went to dance as I usually do.I had a slight headache and feeling of being "off" before I even got there.
After 45 minutes of tap and Van Halen it has blossomed into a full blown migraine. Mind you,I am very fond of tap and Van Halen, however, combining them with a headache are not suggested.
Ice pack and a dark room are in store for the evening.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. Migraines are no fun at all and if one has never had a migraine they can not know how it feels. I get one and I want to be left alone but no one understands that a migraine is much more than a headache.

    But on the bright side you started cleaning out your car (I remember that post on FB) :) Feel better Tina...hugs!!