Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1 as a Vegetarian

Actually it wasn't too bad. My nephew warned me that I would feel lightheaded and kinda bad the first few weeks but I didn't experience any of that.
My menu for the day was as follows
Breakfast- Egg McMuffin and Iced Coffee from McDonalds
Morning Snack-Yeast Roll and Cream Cheese
Lunch-piece of totinos pizza, 27 ounces of spinach with butter,yeast roll with cream cheese, Potato w/cheese
Supper-Salad with carrots,onions,mushrooms, lettuce, green peppers and cheese, foccocia bread pizza with onions,peppers, and broccoli. yummy!
I went to the grocery store today to buy what we needed. It was weird not going to look at the meat! I bought some "fake meat" crumbles and two different varieties of  veggie burgers to try. Didn't want to load up on them only to find that we didn't like them. I also got a large assortment of canned beans and whole wheat/high fiber pasta as well as some fresh veggie. We have a bunch of frozen vegetables so I didn't worry about those.
I think the biggest challenge is going to be variety. I like a lot of variety and I may go bonkers if I have to eat beans every single solitary day! I am working on finding recipes I think we will enjoy.
When I told my family about this 6 week challenge I told them that I was going to do this but I did not expect them to follow suit. Surprisingly, the menfolk in my family jumped on the bandwagon before I even finished telling them my reasons but my daughter didn't. Of the 3 , I thought she would be most enthusiastic. I am fine that shes not but it surprised me.
Well that's all for now since I just finished eating dinner at 9:15 and have a bunch a stuff to do before I go to bed.

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  1. I often have 2 meatless meals a day, and occasionally three. Oh, especially when I was doing the modified lemonade diet - I added fruits and nuts and toasted bread dipped in olive oil when I was doing that. :-)