Saturday, June 18, 2011

A day at the aquarium

Today we celebrated my neice Makayla's 10th birthday with a trip to the Newport Aquarium. Apparently it was "rude person day" because they were all there!
My brother and sister in law need scooters to get around large places. My brother because he was permanently disabled is a car accident when makayla was a little more than a year old and my sister in law because she suffers from complications of diabetes such as neuropathy and skin ulcers. They,like everyone else, wanted to see all they could. Being a rainy Saturday in early summer, it was packed. All of us headed down the halls like cattle stoping when the rest of the herd did.
The problem was that when Roy and Becky would stop people would go around them then stop right in front of them. There were also several instances where people would literally step in between them and whatever exhibit they were looking at.
I found myself feeling a bit agoraphobic-at least if that word means a little panicked about 5 million bajillion people squished around you in a dimly lit building like I think it does.
I can handle crowds outside. Don't particularly like them but I can handle them.
In an enclosed space it makes me crazy.
I couldn't help thinking about the Jewish people who spent months and even years in cramped spaces never seeing the sun while in hiding.
And those crammed into trIn cars on their say to concentration camps. I knew that in a matter of hours my torment would be over. They had no such assurance. For many of them the torment ended only with death.
Cheery little blog I have here isn't it.

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