Thursday, June 9, 2011

First pool visit of the summer

Took 3 guys to the pool today. For a change, I didn't even get burned! We only stayed a little over 2 hours. The 8 and 10 year old are of course pretty self sufficient,jumping off the diving board,going down the slide and dunking each other. I had forgotten,though, what it's like to take a one and a half year old the pool!
He was hesitant at first but soon acclimated himself. The pool we visited has a graduated entrance so you can walk in like a beach. For awhile I sat with water up to my chest while he stood waist deep splashing. He wanted to go farther so he tugged my hand and said "uppy!!!" I hauled myself off the bottom and held his hand until the water reached his neck and he again said "uppy!" in a rather frantic tone. I picked him up and continued to the deeper water.
At first his arms and legs clung so tightly to my neck and waist I could barely move.
But then he realized that I was not going to drop hi
And he began to relax. He let me turn him to face where we were going. He laid his head against my shoulder with his little cheek against mine and let his legs float. At my urging he started kicking his feet to splash the older boys.
For some reason, this particular pool doesn't have a concession stand operating this year so we were glad we packed a few snacks. But since they couldn't spend their money at the pool we went to dairy queen for mini blizzards.
All in all a good day, but I am whooped!

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