Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I ate shrimp last night...

I am bad I suppose. The strange thing was that it didn't even taste very good. I love grilled shrimp but they just didn't do it last night.
I did have a disagreement with someone the other day about whether or not fish was meat or not. I was telling how embarrassed my daughter was to order me a Big Mac without meat. This person insisted I could have ordered a fish sandwhich.
This is the same person who,when I told her I would bring a veggie burger for the cookout, told me she had a turkey burger in the freezer so I guess I should have guessed.
I really have been surprised at how easy this has actually been. I was warned that I would feel bad and all kinds of other stuff but I haven't at all.
After our trip to the aquarium Saturday we went to Golden Corral. If I was going to have trouble anywhere I was certain it would be there. My brothers steak and ribs smelled good but I wasn't dying to eat them. I ate a big salad with egg and cheese and a baked potato and dessert and was quite satisfied.
I have lost 2 pounds so far and I am probably eating too many carbs and too much dairy. Something to work on I guess.

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  1. yay for your success! I'm glad this has been so "easy" so far. Have you noticed a difference in how you feel?