Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Never thought of myself as the vegetarian type

I mean I grew up a farm girl! We had chickens, pigs and my grandparents were dairy farmers. Of course some of those cattle ended up in our freezer! However, I am going to be vegetarian for the next six weeks beginning Monday.Not because I feel sorry for the animals. I believe that God created animals for us to eat. Thats why we have meat eating teeth instead of grass eating teeth like cows. However, at the suggestion of my doctor I am going to try this.
 I was originally going to start tomorrow but realized that since I went grocery shopping yesterday that I wasn't really prepared. Besides, it will give me time to figure out how to go about this in the first place.
How does one go from being a hardcore meat loving farm girl to a vegetarian? And what is the difference between vegetarian and vegan and ovo something or other anyway? I don't mean to offend, really I don't. I am just seriously ignorant of all things vegetarian. Not something we learned down on the farm.

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  1. Vegans do not eat any type of animal products. No eggs, no milk...and generally (at least of the vegans I've known) don't wear leather, or silk or use any products from animals. Lacto ovo vegetarians eat eggs and dairy, but do not eat meat. Going vegan takes some serious commitment! And I would say we were country girls....not necessarily "farm girls" :D Anyway.....grilled broccoli is FABULOUS! Actually just about any vegetable grilled is pretty darn good. I have several vegetarian recipes that I will try to get together for you and email them to you. Love ya!