Friday, June 10, 2011

perfectly bad ending to a perfectly bad day.

I am trying to keep it in perspective. There are worse things that could have happened. But it was kind of a very stinky day.
I had wired cranky kids. The youngest didn't get his nap out. We got locked out of the house.Since I hadn't planned to be gone long, I hadn't taken a diaper bag so of course we had a big stinky poopy diaper. Sonic didn't have 32 ounce or 44 ounce cups so I could only have a medium cherry lime-aid.
Then, to top it off, when I was finally starting to relax, we heard a big crash directly in front of the house. Where my Tahoe was parked. A guy driving a little S10 swerved to miss a dog and plowed into the back of my car. Based on the fact that he moved the Tahoe 4 to 6 feet he had to have been moving. His vehicle got the worst end of it. The right side of his truck is very smashed. Mine doesn't look too bad but the tail light is busted, the bumper is a wreck and you can't open the back doors.
I really love my car.

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