Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So here's what happened...

First I was shopping at walmart. When my daughter and I came out of the store, my husband,son and daughter in law were jamming to some really loud music. Michelle,my daughter in law, was preparing for college classes and needed some supplies. I told her that I was going to take her shopping for them. She didn't want to take advantage of me but I insisted that she needed them so we were going to buy them. We sent the guys fishing.
The next day we attended a charity event. Part of it was a flower arrangement contest with lots of different categories. You paid to enter and the prizes were different donated prizes. Sam, my firefighter son, won 3 categories! Before he went on stage to accept his award he changed from his station t-shirt into one of those shirts you see the men on the front of a cheap romance novel wearing. It had very detailed embroidery in all shades of pink. As he walked through the doors he turned to me and said " Too bad there isn't time to grow out my hair!" He went through the doors with both arms spread wide like an acrobat who had just performed an amazing stunt.
The next day we were shopping at the mall. My husband kept complaining about a very simple problem that would took very little effort to correct. Finally I had had enough and told him to quit whining and solve the problem. If he wasn't willing to do that, I didn't want to hear another word! He then went and bought me pretzel bites at Aunt Anne's pretzels!
So are you buying any of this yet? Actually these are the dreams I have been having the past few days. It seems that I am only creative in my dreams these days. I will try to do better.

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