Thursday, June 16, 2011

Someone SAVE ME!!!

I need need need non boring recipes If I am going to make it the next 5 and a half weeks! It is only day 4 and I am bored with my choices and sick of beans and legumes! It has cut down on my fast food consumption because vegetarian options are more expensive than dollar burgers.
Its not that I miss the meat so much, its that I miss the variety. and just the thought of the texture of beans kinda makes me gag a little.And when I was stressed like I was this afternoon I wanted to eat a big mac,
In other news, my tahoe has been declared a total loss by the insurance company which kind of makes me sad. I love my tahoe! but I think we can buy it back and fix the tailight and bend the bumper back and have some money to get a little bit ahead. I will find out more tomorrow. I was a bit worried about getting screwed but I talked to the owner of the body shop and he said that the insurance company we are dealing with is very fair. So that calmed me down a bit.
I have nothing really exciting to say today.


  1. I had a van get totaled when rear-ended, and I got it fixed enough to keep going. I understand wanting to keep the vehicle you love, especially when you can't afford to go buy something else.

    J and I ate vegetarian all day today. A scone for breakfast, tomato and parmesan soup for lunch with crackers, and then the leftovers again for supper (mac and cheese, green beans, and potato salad). I'll be having some popcorn in a little while, and probably will grab a handful of pecans too. Oh yeah, we had a donut and a free Schwans vanilla sundae cone while we were out running around town ... naughty girls! lol

  2. Some quick ideas...

    Pasta w/ some s spinach, mushrooms, & chopped walnuts sauteed in olive oil, and topped w/ parmesan cheese.

    Vegetable soup w/ some barley.

    Box-mixed nature burgers w/ cheese and toppings.

    Big salads w/ some hard boiled eggs and/or cottage cheese, plus lots of veggies.