Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things that make my day

One of my favorite little guys came around a corner,saw me and broke into a huge grin,ran full throttle to me, launched himself into my arms and said "I you!"( his version of I love you) How can you not smile at that? What made it even more satisfying was that I had been there for several hours,taking care of him,changing his diaper etc. We had played all morning and yet in that particular moment, he was overjoyed that I was there and wanted to show me. A few minutes later when I wouldn't let him dive off the back of the couch he definitely wasn't feeling the love!
Because I am me I couldn't help but think about the comparison between little guy and his reaction to me and myself and my reaction to God. There are times when the joy wells up in me and I beam with it. Then there are times I am diving off the couch and God is hanging onto my shirttail saying "This is not what you need to do." Just like little guy I scream and kick and crying and throwing an awful fit. And just like little guy, I do it over and over and God still hangs onto my shirttail.
The other thing that made my day was little guys older brothers. We were watching cartoons and a commercial for Holiday World came on. I said "I haven't been there since I was about 8." the oldest one said "In the 90's?" I had 3 children by the mid nineties!
Made me feel young anyway!

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