Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weird little things

I don't know if the "feeling bad" my nephew warned me about when I asked for hints about being a vegetarian is just now hitting or if I am coming down with something but I am a bit tired and muddle-headed. I was thinking about some of my quirks and thought it might be entertaining. So here you go.
1. If we have a hint of severe weather in our area I do not wear my usual nightgown to bed. I wear shorts/sweats and a t-shirt/tank depending on the season. I have this fear of the neighbors tree falling on our house causing the need for me and my family to be rescued. I do not want to be on the front page of the paper or on the evening news with my nightgown flying around!
2. I don't believe I could ever be a hardcore vegan because I love dairy! A diagnosis of lactose intolerance might just send me into a deep depression!
3. I am completely addicted to diet coke. 10 years ago my husband and I made a deal that if he would quit smoking I would quit drinking diet coke. yeah so he hasn't smoked in 10 years. I have made numerous attempts but not succeeded. Usually because hubby brings me diet coke. Apparently I am a bit grumpy without it.
4.  I am obsessed with writing utensils and notepads/journals. I cannot, however, write on paper that is wrinkled or water stained etc. Drives me completely nuts. 
5. Along those same lines, If I mess something up, smear the ink or duplicate an item on a shopping list I have to start all over. Just can't do it!
6.I am obsessed with purses and or tote bags. Not expensive ones. I just have a very clear idea of what I do and do not want. I want them either very large or very small.
7. I love going to the Madison Regatta with my husband  and kids. I like watching the boats but I am not quite so involved in it as my husband. We go very early to get good shady spots so I read a lot and sometimes nap. I think it aggravates Gregg because he knows all this technical stuff about the boats and everything and wants to share it with me. 
8.I was going to stop at 7 but I really like even numbers.
9. Open cabinet doors drive me bonkers. My husband will intentionally leave the bathroom cabinet open just to tease me. It is also the main reason we don't have doors on our overhead kitchen cabinets. One of the doors wouldn't shut all the way no matter what we did. I just couldn't handle it!
10. I love to create things. I like to use unexpected objects and make them into something interesting and beautiful. I like to work in everything- wood, paint, plants, words, fabric-whatever. Everything has some beauty in it!