Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Which way is up?

I apologize for not blogging for the last few weeks. I have had something going on every single day and evening. On at least one day I was supposed to be 4 different places at the same time.
Why then, if I am so very busy, do I feel like I am not accomplishing anything at all useful or seeing anyone? My house certainly shows that I am only here in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening. It is exhausting me and making my brain mushy in the process! Occasionally I have a brilliant or deep thought and think to myself "I should jot that down so I can blog about it." Of course this usually happens when I am driving or in the shower or doing some other thing that makes it impossible to jot something down.
Oh my last blog was about the accidents at the Madison Regatta. To refresh your memory, there were 2. One involving 2 of the hydroplanes and one involving a hydroplane and a safety and rescue boat. In the hydroplane only crash both drivers were ok. One had some rib injuries but is recovering nicely.
In the hydroplane vs. rescue boat the injuries were much more serious. They too are also recovering. The most critically injured was recently moved out of intensive care.
My husband , daughter, her best friend and I went to Kings Island this past weekend. We had a lot of fun. The best part of the whole trip was the 20 minute giggle fit we had in the car from Olive Garden to our hotel after spending the day at Kings Island.
Between Regatta and Kings Island and all the activities of the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to do a lot of people watching. I gotta tell ya, people scare me and make me laugh at the same time. Here is a short list of observations and opinions I have formed from these observations. Some are even about me.
1. Selling a hot pink string bikini to an overweight woman over 65 should be a crime punishable by being forced to stare at said woman in said bikini for 2 weeks straight. Although that might qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.
2.There are some things a plus size woman should never ever wear in public. Clothing makers should be charged giant fines for making some items over size 18.
3. On that subject,why are plus size clothes so stinking ugly?Is it to shame us "big girls" into losing weight? Why on earth would I want to put large geometric shapes in crazy colors across my stomach?  I guess I could  teach my grandchildren their shapes, colors and numbers. "Austin, Can you count how many yellow triangles are on Oma's belly?"
4.The penguins on Mary  Poppins are my favorite.(Sorry, I know its random but I am watching Mary Poppins and they make me smile!)
5. A child can make a whole day of rottenness magically disappear by spontaneously throwing his arms around your legs and proclaiming "I You!" (his version of I love you!)
6. It does wonders for your self esteem to be mistaken for a teenager twice in a few weeks!
7. Riding fast scary rides at Kings Island is still fun when you are a fat old grandma woman, even if you pay for it the next day!
8. Watching Christmas movies or movies set in cold weather do not cool you off in a heat wave.
9.  When dressing a 20 month old, make sure his hands are far from your eyes when he is putting his arms through the sleeves. You may end up with a torn cornea. Kinda feels like someone through sand in yours eyes followed by lemon juice or salt. My husband and my friend have decided that I must have an eyelid deficiency because this is the third time I have had a torn cornea. The first was from a pinwheel  being shoved in my eye at a school fair. The second from an angry student in full meltdown mode.
10. Why do people who grew up in the same basic area/climate react so differently to heat?
11. Why does summer seem to go by so much faster when you are a grown up? and Why do people call summer lazy? It seems I am busier during the summer than the winter. I am so looking forward to school starting so life can slow down a little!
12. On the clothing subject again- Why are the majority of plus size clothes made of polyester and rayon? Trying to sweat the fat off of us big girls?
Ok folks. That is all for now. I promise to do better!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

As I sat on the riverbank this morning

I composed in my head a light hearted and witty blog all about all the crazy things one sees and hears at the Madison Regatta.
A few hours later 2 things happened that were far from lighthearted and made my mothers heart break.
There was a terrible accident in which one of the hydroplanes ran into a fire rescue boat. All 3 people on the boat were seriously injured and 2 were life flighted to Louisville. For about 5 minutes that seemed like an eternity I was in pure panic mode. I was very lightheaded and almost passed out. You see, my son,Sam,was on one of the fire rescue boats. I had no idea which one or where on the course he was. When I finally heard from him I was so relived I again almost passed out. I felt shaky for quite some time.
I had almost calmed completely when it was time for the final heat to run. It was shaping up to be a great race when halfway through one driver cut off another and they crashed. That they were both able to get out of the boats on their own was nothing short of a miracle.
Please pray for those hurt and their families.