Sunday, July 3, 2011

As I sat on the riverbank this morning

I composed in my head a light hearted and witty blog all about all the crazy things one sees and hears at the Madison Regatta.
A few hours later 2 things happened that were far from lighthearted and made my mothers heart break.
There was a terrible accident in which one of the hydroplanes ran into a fire rescue boat. All 3 people on the boat were seriously injured and 2 were life flighted to Louisville. For about 5 minutes that seemed like an eternity I was in pure panic mode. I was very lightheaded and almost passed out. You see, my son,Sam,was on one of the fire rescue boats. I had no idea which one or where on the course he was. When I finally heard from him I was so relived I again almost passed out. I felt shaky for quite some time.
I had almost calmed completely when it was time for the final heat to run. It was shaping up to be a great race when halfway through one driver cut off another and they crashed. That they were both able to get out of the boats on their own was nothing short of a miracle.
Please pray for those hurt and their families.

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