Thursday, May 30, 2013

Running, Running , Running, get those doggies Running!

Dogs like to run, right? You also hear " Dogs need a fenced yard in the city so they can run!" Right? Well someone forgot to tell my dogs! I take that back, my dogs do run. They run through the house as if they are being chased by Satan himself. Mazey runs from her run to the back door every evening. Roxie runs halfway across town in a matter of minutes if she can push past whoever is standing at the front door.
So I thought it would be a great idea to take my dogs running. Excercise for all of us and company and motivation for me. here's how that played out.
Mazey is a sweet boxer/german shepherd mix who was dumped at my grandparents house the day before Easter about 12 years ago. When we first brought her home she was terrifie of my husband and sons. Now my husband is her favorite person. She never quite learned to walk on a leash, she prefers to drag whoever is on the other end of the leash. But, she is an old lady. I thought she would make an excellent "warm up" dog. I had forgotten that she is also very nosy! We would run a few steps and she would have to stop to investigate. So I brought her home and hooked up the "pace" dog.
Roxie is also a rescue dog, a fox hound mix, who gained her place in our family by faking being a calm well mannered dog for 2 days then showing herself for the lunatic she truly is. We saw her at an "adoptathon" at a local mall. We had been talking about getting another dog for awhile but had no immediate plans. Then my husband saw Roxie. The adoptathon was closing and dogs were being loaded to be taken out to trucks to the shelters they had come from. Roxie was lying calmly in her cage observing the chaos. My husband begged. We had not planned to spend any money that day. We were just getting out of the house. By the end of the day we had spent 150 on adoption fees, shots, crate, toys etc. She remained a perfect lady all the way home and for the next few days. On day 3, some one came to the door and off she ran. 5 minutes later we caught up to her a mile away. Surely she would make an excellent pace dog! Not so much! She is just as nosy as Mazey but 10 times more ADHD with a keener sense of smell. She would run a few steps then without warning change directions. More often than not she found it necessary to wrap the leash around my legs to get to whatever interested her. Then she saw another dog. She either wants to play with the other dog or she hates them for being alive. We are never sure which it will be. At this point I was exhausted from dog wrangling and fell in a heap onto my couch. 
I think I will attempt to run with my dogs again but on a route less traveled by others!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Did that last blog seem to end a little abruptly to you?

Well there's a reason for that! I literally fell asleep while writing it! I woke up with my Kindle Fire on my chest and hit publish without proofreading.

Let's talk about peer pressure, social media  and boys, shall we?
I have tried and failed to get back in shape many times. This time is different for many reasons.
This time I am not going on this journey alone. I am joined by my fellow fattymustrun marathon challenge girls, we communicate via blogs and twitter so this journey is on a GLOBAL scale. Did you catch that, GLOBAL! Who wants to be the fatty who didnt finish GLOBALLY? Not this chick! I love the encouragement I receive from these ladies and if for some reason I don't finish I am sure they will still be encouraging. But there is the potential for ridicule from others. I am working hard to give nothing worthy of ridicule. Some might say just doing this challenge is worthy of riducule.
They are entitiled to their opinions. I am responsible for my reaction. I can choose to let their opinions bring me down or I can choose to use their opinions as motivation to achieve my goals. I choose motivation. Peer pressure can be turned into something positive.
I can hear the question you have in your heads- But what in the world do boys have to do with anything?
I work with kids with mental health and behavioral issues. As a general rule, these types of issues are more prevelant in boys than girls. In spite of this I have had  usually evenly split caseload. While giving myself a pep talk during  a workout that my mannerism were rather...masculine. I found that rather curious until it occured to me that I only have one girl on my caseload. Hmmmm.
These kids are a big part of why I began this journey.I am a firm believer in kids learning by example so they know I am doing this and I think most of them think I have a snowballs chance of actually running a marathon. Walk, maybe, but no way I will run it. What I want them to learn from watching my journey is that it takes work to meet our goals. So often, they believe that if something isnt easy they can't do it. If I tried to run a non-stop marathon on my first day of training I would absolutely fail.
Just as they make progress a little at a time, I will make progress a little at a time. It will be hard and sometimes painful but everyday will be a little bit better than the day before. I hope that by watching me work toward my goal they will be able to apply  it to their own situations.
Along that same vein, in a lot of ways, I need to learn some of the same lessons I am trying to teach. It has been gently( well, mostly gently) pointed out to me that I tend to have 2 speeds-stop and Speedy Gonzalez. When I am in speedy mode I tend to expect everyone else to be in the same speed. When they aren't I am frustrated. I am either Over achiever or so Overwhelmed I don't know where to start. So you see, not only am I teaching I am also learning.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

social media, peer pressure and boys

I had fully intendedto follow up my pre-birthday post with a post birthday post. However, my grandmother had a stroke and with all the emotion of that, the post just didn't happen.
Despite my Grandma's stroke a lot of great things happened this week!
1. I have found that the more I exercise, the more I want to exercise. 
2. My response to stress has been altered. Typically, I stress, I eat. This week my stress reaction has been to get up and do something.
3. Though I haven't made a concentrated effort to avoid sweets/chips,I have found found that I am not craving those foods.
4. I have lost 4 lbs.
5. My doctor not only approved my participation in the Fatty must run marathon challenge, his exact words were " I love it!" And despite being 2 weeks without blood pressure meds(they didnt give it to me in the hospital and I couldnt afford the refill) my blood pressure was NORMAL!
6. I had kind of a rough workout Thursday. Hang with me this IS a positive! I have rheumatoid arthritis which seems to be mostly in my feet. This makes finding shoes,of any kind, very difficult. Running shoes are especially difficult. It seems that the more structured a shoe is, the more pain it causes. I have 3 pairs of running shoes and none of them are comfortable for more than a few minutes even if I am just walking. But because I absolutely positively do not want to be the fatty that didnt finish on a GLOBAL scale I decided to run anyway. 1/4 mile into the run I knew if I continued to run I would not be able to walk Friday. I resigned myself to working out on the weight machines and be satisfied with that. 
Except that I wasn't. Not in the least. With each set of reps I racked my brain trying to cime up with a plan. Finally I went to the employee in charge and asked if it would be ok if I ran the track without my shoes. The worst she could say was no, right?  So I ran 3/4 of a mile barefoot. 
7. I made an assumption about someone's opinion of me. I was very wrong and very humbled by their opinion.
8.I am rocking this, just so you know!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pre Birthday musings

I suppose it is only natural to get nostalgic and reflective as one approaches milestone birthday and I am no exception. I think God created this habit of ours as a way to remind us of the blessings in our lives. 
It is tempting to whine about all the things I thought I would have achieved by now, the success I thought I would have enjoyed, the losses I have endured. 
The truth is that every experience I have had make me the person I am, for better or worse, and prepared me for this exact moment in time. For the journey.
My old cross country coach is now the principal at a school I work in. When I told him I was embarking on the Fatty must run marathon challenge he was less than encouraging. I see his point. He remembers the girl I was and doesn't really really know the woman I have become. In front of him he sees the outward appearance of a short, wide woman who ate to build a fortress around herself to keep people away. If they can't get through the walls, they can't hurt you.
He sees the girl who wimped out halfway through almost every race to walk. He does not see the woman who has endured complicated pregnancies, a month long bedrest,  an emergency c-section where she woke up to a doctor saying her 4lb 7ounce baby boy may not live through the night. He does not see the woman who went through three days labor to finally give birth to a 8lb 7oz boy with a giant head and bad hips. The trips to the mall with a double stroller carrying a kid in a cast from his chest to his ankles, another kid hooked up to a feeding machine, oxygen attached to a tracheostomy, a suction machine handy for the inevitable clogged tube.He doesn't see the woman who held her first son as he drew his last breath at age 3. He doesn't see the woman who went through 2 days of labor that ended in an emergency c-section and a post op infection a week later.
This woman is a warrior and a survivor.
This time next year  he will see her.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday-sitting in the hospital Sunday- running in the gym

Yeah, I kinda rock! :-) True, I ran slowly, about half the pace of my personal best, but I ran! I am sure to the handful of teenage boys posing with the free weights it looked more like a bouncing walk. Its fine if they judge me, I was kinda judging them as well. Especially the kid who was so absorbed in looking at himself as he walked to the next station that he nearlyy ran smack into me DESPITE my attempted dodge and weave maneuver!
I admit that I am amazed at how good I feel! I have had knee issues for years and years and years but I have absolutely no knee pain whatsoever! Miracles happen!
I believe that the best part of this journey has been all the support from my fellow fattymustrun marathon challenge girls. Everyone cheers each other on, offers advice and are just some of the most amazing women on the planet!
So glad I get to be one of them!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I didn't run off the face of the planet!

I did, however, spend a few days in the hospital. I have diverticulosis which when inflamed/infected is...unpleasant. I couldn't hold down water and the 30 minute drive to my office was pushing the time I could stay away from the bathroom. So Tuesday through Friday I spent hooked up to IVs of antibiotics and fluids. To make it even more fun, I have horrible veins and had 4 iv sites in my time there.
But I was determined not to fall behind. True, I couldn't go running through the halls dragging my IV pole around but I could do the squat challenge! I will admit that I was embarrassed at the thought of someone walking in and catch me squatting away with my bottom hanging out of my oh so fashionable hospital gown. With my luck they'd think I was having some sort of seizure and rush me to have a head CT!  I decided to save my squats for the bathroom. It was probably safer that way anyway! :-)
I was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon on heavy antibiotics and probiotics for a month. Then the probiotics go to a more normal level.
This morning when I finally pulled my butt out of bed-I was really enjoying more than 4 hours sleep in a row- I took each of my dogs for what was supposed to be a run. Mazey,my warm up dog, is a 12 year old german shepherd boxer mix who thinks she is a puppy. She started out on the same page running happily for a block. Then she had to stop every 2 feet to inspect every new scent. Ok, time to switch dogs! Roxie is a hound mix, we are pretty sure she has some fox hound in there. She tricked us into adopting her from an adoptathon 3 years ago by sitting quietly in her crate like a perfect little lady while the rest of the dogs jumped, barked, yelped and were generally insane.  She remained ladylike for about 3 days then she let her freak flag fly. I thought she would be the perfect running dog because she doesnt walk anywhere. I thought she would be streaking down the street with me in her wake. She doesnt like to be predictable. Roxie stopped at every spot Mazey had found interesting plus some so I ended up  dragging her down the street. Especially when we saw another dog.  I managed to make it .63 miles with those crazy dogs this morning. I have been running errands and cleaning most of the day but have also had my moments of rest. I will finish my run a little later. Right now I am going to prep our dinner-  grilled chicken and veggies- do my squats, and play a bit. I am so glad to feel better!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

shew! One worn out mama today! My baby is off on her prom. Spent the day  with the finishing touches then pictures. She was absolutely beautiful and her date was handsome. But  mama is tired.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

and they're off!

Woo Freaking Hoo!
On a whim, never in a gazillion years believing I would actually be chosen, I applied to be part of the fattymustrun marathon challenge!
But I was chosen!!!!
I am so excited for so many reasons! First and foremost, I want to do this to improve my health. There is no getting around the fact that I am morbidly obese. It's right there on my medical chart and on my recent surgical report. "Patient is a 45 year old morbidly obese white female, age 44. Yuck.
Second, I have 3 darling grandchildren ages 1,2,&3. I want to be the cool grandma who rides roller coasters with them! Right now I can squeeze into coaster seats. barely.
Third, I work with kids with mental health issues and their families. Usually the mental health issues are just the tip of the mountain of problems they face. From poverty to drug abuse to physical abuse and mental health issues of the parents. They often feel that they have no control over anything in their lives. They feel that it doesn't matter what they do or how hard they try things will never change for them. I want to show them that through hard work and dedication things can change. I want to show them that if a 260lb Granny can run a marathon they can reach their goals!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A new path to explore

Ok, I admit it, I have really really sucked at this. But it is time to change that! I need to write.I need to make time for it. I need to make it a priority. Along with exercise and eating better.
I was thinking that maybe the problem I have with writing regularly is that I kinda live a quiet boring little life that I don't think anyone would really care to read about.
So I thought maybe if I used this blog as a "get healthy" diary I would be more inclined to keep up with it.
Since I last wrote here I have undergone surgery on my shoulder. During the long ongoing recovery I have been very limited in my activities. For 2 months I was in a shoulder immobilizer which made it impossible to do most things on my own. I lived on my couch reading, watching TV and playing games on my kindle fire. I swear I could hear my butt getting wider.
The times they are achanging......