Monday, May 27, 2013

Did that last blog seem to end a little abruptly to you?

Well there's a reason for that! I literally fell asleep while writing it! I woke up with my Kindle Fire on my chest and hit publish without proofreading.

Let's talk about peer pressure, social media  and boys, shall we?
I have tried and failed to get back in shape many times. This time is different for many reasons.
This time I am not going on this journey alone. I am joined by my fellow fattymustrun marathon challenge girls, we communicate via blogs and twitter so this journey is on a GLOBAL scale. Did you catch that, GLOBAL! Who wants to be the fatty who didnt finish GLOBALLY? Not this chick! I love the encouragement I receive from these ladies and if for some reason I don't finish I am sure they will still be encouraging. But there is the potential for ridicule from others. I am working hard to give nothing worthy of ridicule. Some might say just doing this challenge is worthy of riducule.
They are entitiled to their opinions. I am responsible for my reaction. I can choose to let their opinions bring me down or I can choose to use their opinions as motivation to achieve my goals. I choose motivation. Peer pressure can be turned into something positive.
I can hear the question you have in your heads- But what in the world do boys have to do with anything?
I work with kids with mental health and behavioral issues. As a general rule, these types of issues are more prevelant in boys than girls. In spite of this I have had  usually evenly split caseload. While giving myself a pep talk during  a workout that my mannerism were rather...masculine. I found that rather curious until it occured to me that I only have one girl on my caseload. Hmmmm.
These kids are a big part of why I began this journey.I am a firm believer in kids learning by example so they know I am doing this and I think most of them think I have a snowballs chance of actually running a marathon. Walk, maybe, but no way I will run it. What I want them to learn from watching my journey is that it takes work to meet our goals. So often, they believe that if something isnt easy they can't do it. If I tried to run a non-stop marathon on my first day of training I would absolutely fail.
Just as they make progress a little at a time, I will make progress a little at a time. It will be hard and sometimes painful but everyday will be a little bit better than the day before. I hope that by watching me work toward my goal they will be able to apply  it to their own situations.
Along that same vein, in a lot of ways, I need to learn some of the same lessons I am trying to teach. It has been gently( well, mostly gently) pointed out to me that I tend to have 2 speeds-stop and Speedy Gonzalez. When I am in speedy mode I tend to expect everyone else to be in the same speed. When they aren't I am frustrated. I am either Over achiever or so Overwhelmed I don't know where to start. So you see, not only am I teaching I am also learning.

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  1. I hope your example sinks in with your students, and that you blow them away with your marathon time!