Saturday, May 18, 2013

I didn't run off the face of the planet!

I did, however, spend a few days in the hospital. I have diverticulosis which when inflamed/infected is...unpleasant. I couldn't hold down water and the 30 minute drive to my office was pushing the time I could stay away from the bathroom. So Tuesday through Friday I spent hooked up to IVs of antibiotics and fluids. To make it even more fun, I have horrible veins and had 4 iv sites in my time there.
But I was determined not to fall behind. True, I couldn't go running through the halls dragging my IV pole around but I could do the squat challenge! I will admit that I was embarrassed at the thought of someone walking in and catch me squatting away with my bottom hanging out of my oh so fashionable hospital gown. With my luck they'd think I was having some sort of seizure and rush me to have a head CT!  I decided to save my squats for the bathroom. It was probably safer that way anyway! :-)
I was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon on heavy antibiotics and probiotics for a month. Then the probiotics go to a more normal level.
This morning when I finally pulled my butt out of bed-I was really enjoying more than 4 hours sleep in a row- I took each of my dogs for what was supposed to be a run. Mazey,my warm up dog, is a 12 year old german shepherd boxer mix who thinks she is a puppy. She started out on the same page running happily for a block. Then she had to stop every 2 feet to inspect every new scent. Ok, time to switch dogs! Roxie is a hound mix, we are pretty sure she has some fox hound in there. She tricked us into adopting her from an adoptathon 3 years ago by sitting quietly in her crate like a perfect little lady while the rest of the dogs jumped, barked, yelped and were generally insane.  She remained ladylike for about 3 days then she let her freak flag fly. I thought she would be the perfect running dog because she doesnt walk anywhere. I thought she would be streaking down the street with me in her wake. She doesnt like to be predictable. Roxie stopped at every spot Mazey had found interesting plus some so I ended up  dragging her down the street. Especially when we saw another dog.  I managed to make it .63 miles with those crazy dogs this morning. I have been running errands and cleaning most of the day but have also had my moments of rest. I will finish my run a little later. Right now I am going to prep our dinner-  grilled chicken and veggies- do my squats, and play a bit. I am so glad to feel better!

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