Thursday, May 30, 2013

Running, Running , Running, get those doggies Running!

Dogs like to run, right? You also hear " Dogs need a fenced yard in the city so they can run!" Right? Well someone forgot to tell my dogs! I take that back, my dogs do run. They run through the house as if they are being chased by Satan himself. Mazey runs from her run to the back door every evening. Roxie runs halfway across town in a matter of minutes if she can push past whoever is standing at the front door.
So I thought it would be a great idea to take my dogs running. Excercise for all of us and company and motivation for me. here's how that played out.
Mazey is a sweet boxer/german shepherd mix who was dumped at my grandparents house the day before Easter about 12 years ago. When we first brought her home she was terrifie of my husband and sons. Now my husband is her favorite person. She never quite learned to walk on a leash, she prefers to drag whoever is on the other end of the leash. But, she is an old lady. I thought she would make an excellent "warm up" dog. I had forgotten that she is also very nosy! We would run a few steps and she would have to stop to investigate. So I brought her home and hooked up the "pace" dog.
Roxie is also a rescue dog, a fox hound mix, who gained her place in our family by faking being a calm well mannered dog for 2 days then showing herself for the lunatic she truly is. We saw her at an "adoptathon" at a local mall. We had been talking about getting another dog for awhile but had no immediate plans. Then my husband saw Roxie. The adoptathon was closing and dogs were being loaded to be taken out to trucks to the shelters they had come from. Roxie was lying calmly in her cage observing the chaos. My husband begged. We had not planned to spend any money that day. We were just getting out of the house. By the end of the day we had spent 150 on adoption fees, shots, crate, toys etc. She remained a perfect lady all the way home and for the next few days. On day 3, some one came to the door and off she ran. 5 minutes later we caught up to her a mile away. Surely she would make an excellent pace dog! Not so much! She is just as nosy as Mazey but 10 times more ADHD with a keener sense of smell. She would run a few steps then without warning change directions. More often than not she found it necessary to wrap the leash around my legs to get to whatever interested her. Then she saw another dog. She either wants to play with the other dog or she hates them for being alive. We are never sure which it will be. At this point I was exhausted from dog wrangling and fell in a heap onto my couch. 
I think I will attempt to run with my dogs again but on a route less traveled by others!
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