Monday, June 3, 2013

clean eating, Juneathon day 2 and 3

Day 2-Clean eating- well, I was running late in getting ready for church so I didnt eat breakfast.drank herbal tea with honey. About halfway through the service I started feeling really awful. Spent the rest of the morning in the foyer watching the monitor or in the bathroom. Drank tea and water all day. Ate whole grain toast.
Exercise-squats thats it.
Day 3- clean eating- Toast, cheese, for breakfast and lunch. Dinner-baked fish and squash which actually tasted really good and didn't upset my stomach!  Yehaw! But epic fail on my drink. I gave into the puny temptation to drink diet coke. Yes, I am weak when I feel bad.
Exercise-squats Exercise-squats and a short walk .
I made up some Lemon water so all I have to do is grab it in the morning.
Daughter and I are heading to the gym in the morning!
Check out - & these sites are my motivators!

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