Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fat Girl Running problems 2

I am going to start with my excuse for not writing this post on Friday. We have had my 2 year old grandson since Friday morning. Isn't he adorable?

I think so! But boy does he keep me busy! He loves his Pop-Pop and Aunt Bubble and Uncle Josh but Boo-Boo is his favorite playmate, furniture and jungle gym! One of his favorite things to do is sit on my feet while I am sitting in a chair while I do leg lifts. Thanks for the "quads of steel" Connor! 
So on to Fat girl running problems!
I am going to back up a little and revisit shirts a bit.
Shirts are basically the bane of my existence. This was as true now as when I was 115 pounds because as I mentioned last time I am genetically blessed. 
This causes most shirts to be too short. As you might have guessed, I am not exactly a "belly shirt" model. In my experience, plus size shirts only get wider as the size goes up, not longer. So I end up buying mens t-shirts in colors as feminine as possible. Which makes me roughly the shape of a refrigerator box, only much shorter. 
FYI- If you make yourself a shirt like I did, don't use puffy paint. It sticks to the weight machines and peels off.
Onto other Fat girl running problems.
Lets talk chafing. I know that this is not exclusively a fat girl running problem(see previous post, I have been a skinny girl runner) but I have discovered new and exciting chafing spots as a fat girl runner. For instance, I had no idea the the top of my "vertical smile" chafes. Whoda thunk it? When this happens you have a very funky stride! 
Next we have the "gear" issue. Such as the smartphone holder designed to go on your bicep. I bought an xxl. It does not fit. I am fortunate that though my biceps are large, I do not have "wings"! I am working hard to ensure I never do!
I have never before considered that my weight would be an issue in finding properly fitting running shoes. I have 2pairs of running shoes neither are "perfect" but one pair is especially uncomfortable. I found this out by accident when I wore them to the Gym one night. I made it about 1/4 of a mile in the shoes, then stripped them and did another 3/4 mile in my stocking feet. It was the most comfortable run I'd had since I started running again.
So decided to check out the barefoot style with a spot for each little toe. Between my fat feet and my Rhuematoid arthritis my toes don't fit in the little spots of the size that fit the rest of  my foot. One more motivator! I want those shoes!!!
Those are all the fat girl running problems I can think of with a two year old climbing me like a tree. 
Anyone have anything they'd like to add?


  1. I haven't run since I was a 100 lb college student forced to run the 5-minute mile as part of the phys ed requirement. I hate running! Remember those high school one-piece gymsuit rompers? Ugly as sin but at least they kept us covered in the middle.

    One of my friends is married to a guy who loves those 5-toed shoes and even wears them to church, which makes me giggle. I have no desire to wear those. I found toe socks too uncomfortable. I can't imagine toe shoes being better. But clearly some people's feet must love them or stores wouldn't still be selling them!

  2. Brenda, I have never had to wear one of those rompers. I am sorry you did! :-)

  3. I use to wear my phone on my forearm. You might try that. I found I prefer it there because I can control the music and see my current pace when it is there. As for chafing, I love me some BodyGlide. It looks like wide stick deodorant but you rub it where you get hot spots. It has saved my life plenty of times. Brooks and Asics make some wide shoes. I know because I have to use them. I also use to wear the mens Brooks because the women's didn't fit my feet properly. You may find them more comfortable. Do you have any moleskin or second skin? That stuff works also if you are getting hot spots in your shoes. Good post.