Friday, June 21, 2013

getting past the fat girl running fear

I try really really hard to make fun of myself before others have a chance and act like I am ok with it. I make jokes about my fat rolls and fat thighs and runing like a pig in molasses mixed with quick sand. 
However, I continue to run when I know there will be fewer people to see me whether at the gym or around town. I wear shirts several sizes too big in a vain attempt to hide my 48 inch waist and 58 inch hips. That somehow my no one will notice all 258 pounds of fat bouncing with each step. Of course if I have learned anything from "What not to Wear" its that oversized clothes only make you look bigger. I guess you could call my oversized gear a security blanket. My safe place.
I have to work on this. If I continue to limit myself to running when people can't see me, I will will never achieve my goals. People attend races therefore I need to be able to run in front of people. 
Here's the thing, I don't think I am the only one who is uncomfortable. I can only imagine what people are thinking as my hufing puffing creaky red faced body goes by. Perhaps they are thinking about cheering me on but are afraid I will mistake their encouragement as patronizing. Maybe they are frantically trying to remember the CPR class they took in case I collapse in front of them. 
At any rate, I believe I have come upon a solution. I have a gigantic hot pink t-shirt that has become my running shirt. I have decided to modify it so that it might make everyone a little more comfortable. For me I will make it smaller and better fitting. For everyone else, on the front I will write "Yes, I am fat and I am running. Encourage me, run with me or get out of the way."
On the back . What say you?

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  1. Ok I love it! I am gonna do the same idea ever. but guess what.. at ain't gonna be the biggest girl on the road and most runners will either encourage you anyway or they are so focused on their training, they won't even know you just past them. LOL