Saturday, June 8, 2013

Juneathon day 6 &7 , clean eating 6 & 7, Fatty must run marathon challenge

Most days I don't really feel my age. Probably because I don't act it most of the time! ;-) However, when we have my grandson for the weekend I defintely feel every minute of my age! Though not as much as I used too!
Last night for instance. Connor fell asleep on my chest. I am still restricted in how much I can lift and I can tell you that little man is way more than 10 pounds! Three months ago if Connor had fallen asleep on me, we both would have slept on the couch until a) someone came to help me b) he woke up. In the meantime I would pray that his diaper and my bladder made it through the night.
Last night was different. I was able to get off the very low couch without using my bad shoulder and without waking Connor. Thank you Fatty Must Run Marathon challenge/30 day squat challenge!
Another change I am excited about- When I drop something on the floor I no longer have to do the "fat girl lunge"! Who knows what I am talking about here? I am positive some of you have either done it or seen someone do it! Let me describe it for you and I am sure you will recall it. Step 1. Fat girl drops something on floor. Step 2. fat girl places one leg in front of her in classic lunge form, preferably holding onto something, and ever so slowly squats toward the object while grunting, groaning, huffing and puffing. Step 3. Retrieve object, but rest while you are down there,cause that was hard work. Step 4. Slowly slide feet together while clinging for dear life to anything that may help pull yourself to an upright position. Step 5. Look around to see how many witnesses to your gracefulness. Now you recognize this right? I am happy to report that you be seeing me doing this ever again! I can pick up anything you can throw on the floor like a normal person! Woohoo!

So Juneathon. I have not had a run since Thursday. I have been chasing my 2 year old grandson since Friday afternoon. Friday we went to the playground and believe me this granny was running! Today, we went for a 3.5 mile walk. It is beginning to be our regular routine when he spends the night. Get up, eat breakfast, Connor clamours to get in his stroller, walk to the farmers market, throw pennies in the fountain, walk down to the playground by the river, walk down the boat ramp to feed the ducks. Pretty fabulous morning if you ask me!
 Fatty must run marathon challenge June clean eating challenge - not horrible yesterday, not the best, but not the best. We went to the chinese buffet where I mostly eat sushi, crab rangoons and pot stickers. Last night was no exception! Today was good until supper when I was too worn out to cook and we had pizza for supper.

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  1. It sounds like I ought to be doing that challenge too. I watched my xdh's toddler girl while he spent several hours on two Saturdays putting our daughter's desk with hutch together, and the little girl wore me out in less than an hour both times! And I was not able to trick the little stinker into playing a resting game either, darn it! At least I could giggle about the lack of rest that man gets every day when he is at home ... As it was, once the left, I took a long nap!