Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Fat Girl wants it the most.

This morning I had physical therapy and was going to see a client straighr from there. This required me to take a different route than usual. This particular route is hilly and curvy and  beautiful. I was anticipating the lovely drive when I came upon a group of cyclists. I am certain that I would rather run this stretch of road than ride it. The hills would be wicked.
The first group were were aware that the were not the only vehicles on the road. The next group was waiting for the stragglers-in the middle of the freaking road ON A CURVE! I thought it was going to be very unpretty! I got around them and encountered several other groups along the way. Most of them looked like your typical cyclist, thin, chisled, decked out in all of the high tech gear that money can buy. There were a.few older people in the mix but they too were thin and  chisled.
Some of the groups were courteous about sharing the road with other vehicles. Other groups completely disregarded the safety of themselves and others by riding 4 abreast ,some were on the wrong side of the road or riding the yellow line. Considering the blind curves, and the tendency of people in this area to cut curves this was asking to be run over. All in all I'd say there were 100 or so.
I was getting very frustrated with all of these groups and was absolutely fuming as I went up the last big hill. And then I saw her. The fat girl waiting at the top of the hill for her friends. She didn't have the fancy jerseys that the rest of the group, I am guessing because makers of cyclist gear don't know fat girls ride, much like running apparel makers don't realize that fat girls run. But she was at the top of the waiting for the others. She wanted it more. She had more to prove. I wanted to stop and tell her that she is a rockstar!  She inspired and encouraged me me without saying a word.
I have been discouraged by the slow process of seeing improvement in my own athleticism. I want to run faster and better and I dont want to jiggle! & I want it now. This beautiful woman reminded me that this is, after all, not a sprint, its a marathon. I am not going to start running today and run 26 miles tomorrow. I am not going to run tonight and wake up with 120 pounds magically gone from my body. This woman in the polka dot shirt shirt probably could not have climbed that hill when she first started riding. But here she was, at the top of the hill, waiting for the skinny people.
She wanted it more.

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  1. Yay for the woman in the polka dot shirt! You will get there too!