Friday, July 5, 2013

An ephiany of sorts..

I was sitting at a redlight while doing errands in town yesterday when I noticed a woman standing in front of a store with an oxygen tank on the ground next to her. Her hands were busy above her head then she leaned over and I realized she was laying her nasal cannula on top of the tank. She then reached in her purse and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. 
I thought to myself " How can she continue to do something that is clearly harmful to her health? She could die too soon from self inflicted sickness!" I took a bite of my sausage McMuffin and continued my rant as the light turned green and I went on my way.
Then the hypocrisy of my thoughts smacked me full in the face. I have certainly known for years that good nutrition and a reasonable weight are important for good health. At least my head did. I tried to rationalize the difference in the way I have been killing myself and the way this woman chose to kill herself. The conversation went a little like this-
"Her smoking is nothing like my eating and exercise! Her smoking is affecting her immeadiate quality of life , clearly clearlyshe has trouble breathing !"
" And eating so much that you can't sleep because of acid reflux isn't affecting your quality of life? Or the way you huff and puff going up a flight of stairs? Or the things you cant do with the grandkids the way you want because you can't fit in the swing or on the slide"
I argeud" Just a little wont hurt." The problem is that a little turns into a lot. One more bite turns into a whole serving.
I argue that I can't afford healthy food.  Lies, all of it. A local produce shop have 4 for 5 deals. A recent deal was a1lb of strawberries, 5lbs of red potatoes,carrots and a pineapple. I know that if I get this deal plus a few other items, my family will have filling frsh veggies. I say "I just don't have time." Again lies. I do have time. I could cut up veggies while I watch tv. 
As I said, all these thing I knew in my head. I didn't fully grasp that these truths were for me as much as anyone else. It is my job to embrace these truths,let go of the lies and move foward in my journey of wellness.

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