Friday, July 19, 2013

Move it so you can lose it! Even if the neighbors think you are crazy!

Many of us are experiencing extreme, oppressive and downright dangerous heat these days. As motivated as I am to meet my goals, they are not worth heatstroke or an asthma attack. So I have come up with creative and fun (well mostly fun) ways to burn calories and stay cool beyond going to the gym.
Some of them may be out your comfort zone. You may be concerned that the neighbors may be watching. Let 'em watch! In fact, invite them over to join the fun! 
I know that not everyone has access to a pool, pond, beach or lake but if you do,visit as often as possible! According to the physical therapist in charge of my aqua therapy after my last knee surgery, one hour of water exercise equals two hours of land exercise due to the resistance. Run, jump, swirl. Heck! You could even swim! 
If you don't have access to any of these facilities try a few of these.
 1. Fill several buckets or tubs with cold water, add ice if desired, set them strategically around the yard. Get several packages of cheap sponges and soak them in the tubs. Have a water sponge fight. Separate the colors and play in teams. The possibilities are endless!
2. Get out the sprinkler and run through it!
3.Break out the slip and slide! Don't have one? Buy a plastic drop cloth,secure at each end, aim a hose and a little dish soap and off you go.
4. Gather up 1 can of shaving cream per person. roll out a tarp or plastic drop cloth preferably on a soft surface. Have towels and a hose ready for wipe off. Set up the rules ahead of time, no shaving cream in the face, it stings when it gets in your eyes. Kids and adults alike love playing this. If you have a sturdy table try some table diving! Have a strong "catcher" at the end of the table to prevent injuries.
5. We call this one porch ball. Mom and Dad-or two other people-Sit or stand on the porch, deck, etc. with buckets of water and squishy pool toys or sponges. Then throw them in the general direction of the other players who attempt to beat the others to the toys and throw them back. It gets quite competitive.
6. Try dodge ball with the sponges. 
7. Speaking of dodge ball- In the comfort of of your home, revisit your high school gym days and do some old school exercises. Jumping Jacks, sit ups, butterfly stretches, toe touches or whatever exercise was a favorite torture of your gym teacher! 

Whatever you do, don't stop moving!!!!  

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