Monday, November 25, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The ENERGYBITS

I just looked over my stats and saw that I have not blogged since Aug.19. Yikes! I had no idea it had been so long! I intended this post to be primarily a review of EnergyBits. In fact, this review was promised, well, weeks ago.
But as often happens, Life and sometimes death gets in the way.
In the last 4 months my family and I have been through many changes and the changes continue, but more on that later. As the title suggests they have been good, bad and just plain ugly. I am happy to report that EnergyBits have helped me survive.
The first big event was our son Josh moving out. It was a good move for him as he was able to get out of a dead end fast food job and rural area where he didn't know many people to an area in which he has friends and family members. We are happy for him but we miss him. He is not the best of communicators. :-)
Next was a dangerous electrical issue that our landlord refused to fix properly. That sent us on a search for new housing.
September 21, our oldest daughter got married. September 27 we started moving into our new home. September 29 my car broke down as we were going to get another load from the old house. I had to drive my daughters car, a 99 Mustang, which I hated, for a couple of weeks. Then it broke down and I had to ride with my boss. It got fixed and I had to drive it again. My car was repaired on October 18th. My stepfather was taken to the hospital on October 19th. After testing and finally heart surgery, my stepfather succumbed to his illness On October 24th. My great aunt died exactly 9 minutes after my step father.
The day after my step fathers funeral the power steering went out of my car as I turned into my office parking lot. A week later my paternal grandmothers health started failing and my uncle had heart surgery. Due to work obligations I couldn't be there for my fathers side of the family. Even now as we wait for the inevitable loss of my grandmother I am still catching up at work. It is all EXHAUSTING.
Where do EnergyBits fit into all this? I may have mentioned that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is aggravated by stress. Besides painful inflammation RA also causes crushing exhaustion. I don't think anyone would argue that stress causes exhaustion.
I had planned to test Energybits on a longer run but as my training schedule was all thrown off it seemed that plan was doomed.
From experience I knew that my stepfathers surgery day would be long and energy robbing. Perfect day to test!
The instructions say to either swallow the tablets or chew the tablets. I admit I am not brave enough to chew them..yet. I swallowed the 30, yes 30, tablets recommended with a large glass of water. The first thing I noticed was my lack of nervous appetite. Normally when faced with long waits without much to do I nibble, constantly. I didn't have that problem. When things didn't go well I was able to focus and support my mother. Throughout the next few days as we made funeral arrangements and  went through the funeral and meal afterward I continued to take the bits every morning. I had enough energy to do everything that needed to be done.
My one complaint is the number of tablets you take. It just seems like a lot.
I will, however, be purchasing more EnergyBits soon!

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